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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  April 10, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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married father of two from montgomery county, investigators say he put his family through near torture for years. >> hi everyone i'm nicole brewer. ukee washington has the night off. i'm jessica dean. that suspect joseph meyer is on behind bars on one million-dollar bail. joe holden is live at lower providence police department with what led authorities to make this arrest, joe. >> reporter: jessica and nicole, good evening. police say this was discovered when joseph meyer wife showed up to the hospital with the broken skull and that is when they learned that the victims were more. they say his two children who had been home schooled had been abused for years, dating back to when they were toddlers. >> cruel, unusual punishment unfolded behind the doors of this lower providence home. joseph meyer of a married father of two is charged with unleashing a disturbing, several years long series of beatings on his children, that investigators say resembled
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torture. his two children, arrest record show, endured punching, kicking, choking, bruising and use of an electric shock collar meant for a dog. despite facts that he is in jail on one million-dollar bail, we went looking for more information. neighbors didn't want to talk to us, many of them appeared to be home, but never came to the door. at meyer home aluminum foiled cover one window, it is claimed he forced his children to sleep in wooden boxes, holes were drilled through children now 13 and 11 could breathe. >> these are haines charges. we are not accustomed to anything like this by any means and when it does happen, it shocks our conscious. everybody else involved. >> reporter: this is one of the 13 year-old boy allegedly told police, many times he would hit my head with a wooden stick and another thing wow do is shock me with the dog collar. wow also bang my head against
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the wall or floor sometimes, it was so severe one time i needed stitches. police say it is believed that he erupted on his children when they failed to presently do their chores, police said about his 11 year-old daughter her father would strangle her and bang her head on the floor to the point that she would lose consciousness entering into a dream state. police say victims in this case have all recovered, physically. but prosecutors also have a weapon on their side they have an ought ohio recording apparently taken inside of that house, it records him sound varying calm according to court documents as his children begged and scream for mercy. reporting live, joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> joe, thank you. hundreds of students were evacuated from their elementary school in san bernardino, california this afternoon after gunfire erupted in the classroom. police say a gunman fatally shot a teacher in an apparent
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murder/suicide. two wounded students were flown to the hospital in critical condition, and authorities don't believe that the children were intentional targets. the school's vac waited students to a nearby college campus where they were re united with their parents. >> police in delaware continue to search for suspect in the abduction and sexual assault of four year-old girl. on thursday that little girl was playing outside in the village of plum run, community in wilmington when she was abduct by a man in the dark colored sedan. she was found in banning park a few hours later and police hope surveillance may help them catch the suspect, parents in that neighborhood are understandably on edge. >> people don't want to be outside without their kid right next to him. if that was her i don't know what would i do honestly. would i probably lose my mind. >> little girl is home re. anyone who may have seen something or has any information is asked to contact the police. we have learned that one of two people killed in the miami area gym shooting over the weekend has ties to our
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area. >> victims are 35 year-old jeanine ackerman and 42 year-old mario scoretease. he grew up in monroe, new jersey and was gym's general manager. gym says recently fired employee fatally shot both victims on saturday before turning the gun on himself. police said the managers were deliberately targeted and shooting was not random. the e-mail statement that said it was deeply saddened by death of its two employees says equinox. police in delaware county are looking for a man who robbed a bank in radnor township. these are images of the robbery police shared with "eyewitness news". investigators say the man seen here in this gray colored sip up, fleece walked in the bank of america last friday, and presented a demand note to the first teller that he saw. police say that there is a reward for information leading to an arrest. >> $3,000 reward for subject's arrest and convictions. it is $3,000 reward to take
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this bank robber off the street. we would appreciate the community's help. >> investigators say the robber got away in a gold or silver toyota camry with pennsylvania plates jfj-0657. if you have any information, you are asked to call police. police are questioning a person of interest in connection with the hit and run that sent two people to the hospital. that person of interest was taken into custody after an eyewitness led investigators to the alleged striking vehicle on the 2100 block of frailly street. a man, and woman were hit by that car 10:30 last night near sixth and erie. man is in critical condition, woman is in stable condition with a broken leg, and so far no charges have been filed. philadelphia police are looking for help in identifying two men considered armed and dangerous and wanted in connection with the murder last year in north philadelphia. this surveillance video shows two men were wanted in the shooting deaths of the 28 year-old man last november. you can see one man running and jumping in the black ford
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escort, if you recognize suspect please contact the police. drivers beware the first phase of the road closures is now in effect around the art museum ahead of the 2017 nfl draft. chopper three was over the area this morning as of midnight those closures went into effect. spring garden street westbound is now closed at pennsylvania avenue, two right lanes at eakin oval in front of the art museum steps are closed so crews can build the nfl draft stage. get more information on additional closures at cbs as sun goes down this evening people at jewish faith will begin the celebration of the pass over. >> one important tradition of the special holiday is sadre meal. anita oh show us how we prepare and what tonight's symbolic dinner means to them. >> reporter: when sunlight end pass over celebration begins. >> it is to celebrate basically the freedoms of people, you know, from bondage when the jews left equipped.
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>> reporter: at this dell any montgomeryville, a, steady stream of customers pick up preparations for the ritual feast that marks beginning of the week long holiday. >> we have chopped liver, contact felt a fish, sweet and sour meatballs, potato lot contacts, holiday you are not supposed to have anything with yeast in it so specially cook. >> reporter: removal of yeah is to significant any fatties rail is had no time to wait for their bread to rise as they made a hurried escape from egypt. it is a celebration that means much to the kline's who owns the jewish deli and will offer pass over dinner menu for next two nights which are fully booked. >> the tradition of the holiday means everything to us and to be able to provide families with the food to help them celebrate the traditions is biggest, biggest reason we are doing it. >> reporter: amanda of blue bell says observing pass over is even more important to her family this year after recent attacks on jewish community centers and vandalism at
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jewish cemeteries. >> spend time together and we are celebrating bad things that happened, many years an and it is bad things that are happening, still today. >> i think it is important that we stick together as a family and as a community and as a religion. >> reporter: in montgomeryville... anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". conversation break down. still ahead on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we will tell you how a new treatment is helping one woman overcome her hearing loss. >> would you come up and say something inside ear which people frequently tend to do it is all garbled. >> new device is helping her keep the conversation going. plus she's cute, friendly but today's service doggies on the job, head how a new specially hospital will be relying thon four legged help er. hi there kate. hi there nicole. what a beautiful day. sun has been shining, temperatures in the lower 80's and we have more of this taste of sum other the way, i'll tell when these showers and
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thunderstorms could impact our area when we take a sneak peak in the holiday weekend, leslie phillies are giving pete rose ultimate team honor and what gesture made this kid trip to the masters one he will never forget? we will show you later in sports.
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on the healthwatch tonight a new f.d.a. treatment is giving some people with a common ear problem that causes hearing loss, hope. >> health reporter stephanie stahl has more on the first of its kind treatment giving some people the ability to hear clearly, for the first time in years. >> okay, very good switch tour
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right ear now. >> reporter: denise aston is hoping to finally pass a hearing test following a procedure to fix her chronic ear trouble. >> you would come up, say something into that ear which people frequently tend to do it is all garbled. >> reporter: ocean county nurse is recently retired and excited about traveling and spending time with her family but the you station tube dysfunction in her right ear was a constant nuisance. >> pretty common. >> reporter: doctor david rosen of jefferson hospital say you station tube problem are usually associated with children but they can be difficult for adults too they help ear drain fluid and regulate air pressure. colds anal geese can cause dysfunction. >> it can lead to pain, chronic ear infections, and difficulty with hearing. >> reporter: traditional treatments include medications , and, tubes inserted in the ear drum but there could be problems with both. now a new solution. >> this is a balloon to be inserted.
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>> reporter: a by noon called era made by johnson and johnson. a catheter is inserted through the nose and threaded to the tube where the balloon is inflated, and then after two minutes deflated and removed. >> it is, the option of the old sinus balloon that uses pressure to stretch things. >> reporter: denise says outpatient surgery was easy, and weeks after after the healing is going well but her hearing still isn't completely back just yet. >> i think it is wonderful. i'm very hopeful i will see a difference. >> reporter: it could take some more time for her hearing to be fully restored, after the balloon procedure research has shown that the eustation tube stays open. treatment is covered by insurance. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". new jersey governor chris christie is taking his fight against opioid addiction in the garden state to the next level. his administration is finalizing plans to reopen the former mid state correctional facility asiana dixon treatment center for inmates. it will have about 700 bed,
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governor christie requested two million-dollar for the project in 2016 and said this year he will seek an additional 2 million. south jersey hospital officials found a special guest to announce renaming of the specialty hospital. this is a three-year old therapy dog who helped make the announcement at lordes southern care of new jersey, becomes acute specialty hospital of southern new jersey tes and her handler tommy, are volunteers who visit with patients several times a month. >> the therapy dogs, again, they bring life to everybody. they make patients smile when they have not been in a good position to be here they have been tonight. cu for very long time struggling and dogs just give them an opportunity to smile. it brightens their day. >> tes is part of the tri-state k-9 crisis response team and during her visit she provides emotional support and comfort for patients. asbury park may be latest beach front location, regulate short term rentals like air b and b.
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they plan to introduce ordinance for properties rent forward 30 days or less, according to, 5100 residents in the garden state rented properties through air b and b last year rent to go 257,000 people. opponents say this ordinance would take away their private property rights, they have started a petition against the move. >> all right. >> man, what a beautiful day outside. >> it almost feels summer like >> you pop down the shore and get one day, the wasser was cold. >> yes. >> but sun's nice. >> sunnies beautiful. shore is a little cold but here in the city and parks, people are on spring break this week. playground are packed. but it is perfect. nice little break from school and nice forecast, on way. really whole week looks great. we have 80's, 70's, 60's a lot of good in this forecast. check out what drone watch three captured today, good video sailing over schuylkill river, clear blue skies just a
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hint of pink where those cherry blossoms are blooming. in the wake of the rain, a rough stretch to get through but grass, flowers, trees, loved all that rain. new we have beautiful sunshine , nice warm conditions and everything bursting into bloom. drone watch three capturing that over the city. here's a live look at roof cam you can see sunshine outside right now. blue skies. 78 degrees at cbs broadcast center, breezy, wind out of the south and very dry air in place. dew point just 43 degrees. low humidity, light breeze, lots of sun and temperatures 15 to 20 above the average. storm scan looks good a few cloud, our high reached 80 in philadelphia. that is first 80-degree day since last october. normal high 62. eighteen above average. little chilly this morning but in where near that record low of 22 from 1985. we fell 9 degrees shy of the
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rorrer set four years ago back in 2013. here's what to expect moving forward, so rest of tonight is quiet, maybe poppy fog overnight but no problems. we have a next front heading toward the area. tomorrow out ahead of the front is warmest day of the week, southwest wind, temperatures in the 80's. mere record conditions, this time doesn't after lot witt. crossing area tomorrow mainly overnight and take most of tomorrow is dry. cannot rule out late day or evening thunder shower with you if we get anything, best chance is overnight tomorrow night into wednesday morning. wednesday we will start with some cloud, wake up say oh, gray's back but by afternoon watch what happens? front clears. 5:00 p.m. wednesday. sun's shining again. it won't be in the 80's but still in the zero seven's still above average and it looks like it will stay sunny and quiet in to thursday as well. so, only chance for a shower really in the forecast comes late tomorrow night and then again perhaps on easter sunday we will keep a close eye on that one. lets talk about the record. tomorrow forecast high 82
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degrees, record high is 84 and that was set in 1887. a very, very long time ago, we will come within a couple degrees of that record, give it a run for its money here tomorrow and depending on how quickly cloud come in or really how long cloud stay out along that front we will tie that record. we will keep an eye on that as well. few cloud, patchy fog, 58 is your low. tomorrow, beautiful mostly sunny 82 degrees. it is mainly under cover of the darkness if we pick anything up, fast forward into your easter holiday weekend we have plans out there with the kid or with the family, saturday looks good at 66. a mix of sun and cloud. easter sunday is mild, at 74 degrees. there will be a chance for couple showers, doesn't look like a huge deal keep an eye on that for you but i remember lots of easters growing up here where i had to wear my heavy coat over my easter dress and it doesn't look like you'll need it this time around. great stretch of weather. just a stray sure tomorrow night.
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stray shower sunday but otherwise we are sitting pretty for foreseeable future. >> it just doesn't work when it is cold. >> yes. >> leslie's up next in sports. >> we have great weather down at the ballpark as phillies get ready to take on the division rival mets. pete mackanin taking a change in the new look bull pen next up in easter is coming....
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leslie in for don bell tonight and it is a great night to watch phillies. >> great weather, dollar dog night. >> yes, what could be better. >> what could be berth. phillies start a three game series with the mets, jared eickoff will get start for fightins, phillies enter on a two game winning streak. pete mackanin has replaced jeanmar gomez as closer, joaquin benier, he blew save giving up a three run home run to ryan zimmerman. jeanmar gave up a two run home
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run in the season opener in senate. pete mackanin explained yes is making the change. >> it is in the best interest of the game. i chose benoit because i didn't want to put undue pressure on gomez, he had a great year last year. he is doing very well last year. as valuable as he is in the eighth inky didn't want to put that on him where he had to be the closer. >> well well, pete rosies not eligible for hall of fame in cooperstown but new member of the phillies wall of fame. rose helped lead phillies to their first world series title in 1980 and major league all time hits leader, that ceremony will be held on august 12th. well, we now know who eagles will be playing in the preseason they will start in green bay followed wye two home games with the bills, dolphins and close with the jets. dates and times to be announced later. >> eagles add i a quarterback signing matt mcgloin to the one year contract he spent four years with the raiders, he played his college ball at penn state, while he threw a
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then program record 46 touchdown passes. now i he will be third string quarterbacking in the season. final home game of the season tonight for sixers against pacers, two teams going in the opposite directions, pacers fighting for last two playoff spots in the east, sixers have who six straight. we will have highlights at 11:00. yesterday at masters sergio garcia ended his 18 year drought by winning green jacket but shot of the day was this one by fan favorite matt kucher, matt with the seven iron, 170-yard out. it land in the green and rolls into the cup, for a hole in one. unbelievable. but aftermath math, the trees, and cup and left over and gave to it this young man. >> wow. >> absolutely, a a macing day. >> check out that smiley love that hat too. >> what a great moment. >> what a moment. what i great tournament.
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>> it was great. >> thanks, leslie. "cbs evening news" is just minutes away. >> scott pelley joins with us a look ahead at that. >> "cbs evening news" tonight, two people are dead, two children critically wounded after a shooting at an elementary school. we will look at west wing battle between president trump 's top advisors. a judge has become latest victim of chicago's gun violence, and we will show you a program that is helping veterans, swim through life's deep waters, that stories tonight on the "cbs evening news". but first, two young elmwood zoo locals are finally name, when we come back how help from the public named these cute cubs and preserved environment at the same
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by the time the drugs rannd or awout, i was addicted..mbo. it happened so fast. i ended up on the streets, where the drugs are cheaper and easier to get. i was a full blown heroin addict,
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selling my soul to get high. when i realized i needed help i didn't know where to go. but i got help and you can too. you're not alone. help is within reach. this is governor chris christie. call 844 reach nj or visit elmwood park sue say jag car cubs have name. >> meet diego and loon owe they were named as part of the contest for northern jaguar project that organization will work to protect and preserve jaguar habitats. patients at zoo were able to pay a dollar for their vote nerd to vote for their favorite names. the napping contest raised more than $1,300 for the organization. >> diego and luna. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00. we are back at 10. we are back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next "cbs evening news"
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it. two people dead, two people wo captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: a deadly shooting in an elementary school. san bernardino, california, this time. a gunman killed a teacher, shot two children and then killed himself. also tonight -- >> this is wrong. oh, my god. >> pelley: passenger was dragged off an overbooked flight. why getting there isn't half the fun it used to be. a syrian father carries his babies to their final rest, victims of the dictator's nerve gas attack. and combat vets turn to the healing power of calm water. >> it was the most relaxing feeling i think i've felt in a long time. the stress that was over me, i released it. this is the "cbs eveniew


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